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 EURO-LAS VEGAS CONNECT. COM is able to provide best advice concerning
                                                                                                       local tourism tips.




The 21st century tourist.

We love informed travelers. The internet is offering nowadays all the information ones needs.
Truly-informed travelers are the ones who read the others's impressions yet they are able to discern what is believable and what not.

As consultants, this is the challenge that we find the most important : when there's too much information out there you will find it more difficult to choose. And with so many choices and preferences ....... how can we be sure of YOUR success ??

It is because we ask you first : what makes you tick ?  

We firmly believe that depending on your age group (i.e. likes and dislikes), you could make a better choice by consulting a local agent, your chances of wasting time and money,  and/or getting disappointed later on will become slimmer.

This is what will matter to you, when you visit any town for the first time  :

  1 // Best airline service to take you here, and back

  2 // Best local transportation service, if you do not rent a car

  3 // Best hotel to stay in -- and relax, for the next fun day

  4 // Know what's happening in town and where to go and why (entertainment and meeting cool
            people is important since Las Vegas is that place where everyone will want 
            to return). Concerts are everywhere, yet there's something unique about going to one in Las
            Vegas : it's THE CROWD SPIRIT that you're sharing that you'll love !  

  5 //  Tours outside of Las Vegas will amaze you ; you probably heard about Valley of Fire,
             Hoover Dam river boat trip, Grand Canyon & The Sky-walk @ Grand Canyon, Area 51,
             Route 66, as well as Death Valley in California. But have you truly experienced these ?  
             How about other such places that few know about ?

  6 //  Dining needs to become an experience not just a rushed slurp.

   7 // Las Vegas has a lot, I mean A LOT of spas...... yet there is one that is unique perhaps in the
            entire United States. To be experienced -- preferably in wintertime - is purely divine.
            We will take you there. 
   8 //  Shopping..... ahhhhhh, shopping..........  ! It can still be fun, don't kid yourself. And Las
             Vegas has a mini-Chinatown too !!!!!!!!!!!!!

   9 //  Arizona and California are 2 amazing states with attractive and unique places to go to.
              Organized tours are plentiful, and it will be fun to join other visitors. Make your choice of
              the tour organizing agency very carefully.

  10 //
Wedding Chapels recommendations : it is much more fun to take a tour of the best ones
              before deciding in which one you want to marry. Plan ahead, give yourself an extra day for 
              this tour (it'll be fun !) and if you do not like 'hectic' simply avoid Saturdays and Sundays to
              get married.

                    last  updated  : August 2010


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