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Why choose as your trusted travel info
                                                                       source in Las Vegas ?

We are here to give the most reliable and personalized advice.

Las Vegas is not just a city in the Southwest of United States, it is an adventure – if you know where or when to go. Being in the right place at the right time is the only guarantee to any success, we all know that. With a bit of good luck, too !

We love to work for the most enthusiastic voyageurs of the century.

Las Vegas was, is and will always be the world capital of entertainment and fun, memorable marriages, unusual encounters, an almost mystical experience. No matter what part of the US or the world you’re coming from, the mere fact that you picked Las Vegas demonstrates that you already believe all that.

There are places here that few know about, and even fewer discover on their own, since most rush in and out.The word ‘amazing’ will cover it only partially. And yes, it is true that the famous Strip alone is amazing, but wait until you’ve ventured out !

We are a travel consulting agency that offers top customer service, reliable information and best recommendations. We also provide tours in the city (you'll love this one : 5 best chapels' tour !) as well as trips outside of Las Vegas. We will take you to mysterious places around the city, in organized tours. Join the enthusiastic crowd, you'll love the feeling !

Make sure you choose the time of the year carefully, if planning to be outdoors.

If you are enthusiastic about travel adventures, then we will endorse that enthusiasm. And you will definitely entertain the idea to return here, since you cannot see it all in one trip, that's for sure.

Thank you for visiting the true travel visionaries' website : we mean business only if you mean adventure traveling.

Florian Dumitru
Travel WebAgency Director
Las Vegas – Nevada, USA



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